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In Englisch:

In order to build a specialized search engine for persons on social networks, weâve built a web scraper that identified data on profile pages of one specific website - now we want to scrape other websites.This job acts as an evaluation - we have more than 500 portals we want to scrape and will test 3-10 freelancers and select the best to work with in the future. Future jobs in the coming months will follow the same line (new website as source but same scraping technology (groovy script with CSS selectors), database (mongoDB), and schema).This evaluatory task is focussed on the website "Mendeley" ( with its user profiles (e.g., job will be to a) identify core data as well as additional (site-specific) data on the profile pages, b) adapt a groovy script to iterate over the profiles to scrape data (using CSS selectors) and store the data in a MongoDB, and c) test the script. We provide you with a template script for another site and guidelines to scrape the data.In the end, the result should be one groovy script that can be used to scrape the data on the profile pages, and stores the scraped data into the MongoDB based on our data schema.