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Ich spreche Deutsch, um auch internationale Programmierer zum Zuge kommen zu lassen, folgt die Beschreibung auf Englisch, ich präferiere aber deutschrachige Freelancer.


We want to build an AirBnB soley for German trade fair/ convention customers upon an AirBnb-Clonescript from Cogzidel (PHP with Codeigniter): Private persons that live very near to a fair ground, can rent out their flat to trade fair (business)-customers. (Maybe download the free 30-trial to understand if you are able to to the customization). To make this product as usuable for trade-fair-customers as possible, we need it to shape it as hard as possible to their needs. E.g. users can search for a specific tradefair or choose specific trade fairs directly from the homepage to see all free appartments in prober distance (own Deeplinkpage for every trade fair, also for SEM/SEO essentiell). This lists of upcomming trade fairs and Deeplink-Pages should be created and updated easily in the backend.  We have already defined all epics, user-stories and acceptance-criteria. So I think I can guide you quite well. Speaking German would be perfect for an easier communication. EPICs description 1 Language: Native German by default. Native Language German in Texts, Buttons and search-terms & searchsuggestions in German. 2 Homepage & Deepling-Pages Choose trade fairs/ congresses directly from the homepage. + Creating deepling-pages (new HTML pages!) for every trade fair. 3 CMS for tradefairs/ conventions in backend. Add, edit, delete all new upcomming trade fairs/ congresses that should be available to choose from on our platform. 4 signup process: AGB and MangoPay credentials 5 Appartment profiles An Extra Tab: "Weg zur Messe" (ENG: Way to the fair) 6 Invoice for business clients. Bill recipient should be different from guest and we want to have a special invoice. 7 Paymentintegration: MangoPay Fully! automatic Payment System between host, guests, platform with refund-possibilities with MangoPay.Financial regulations in Germany - We need 8 Google Tag Manager Implementation. Life-Chat Implementation.