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Unser Team hat eine spannende Spiele-App mit Cocos2d-x als Basis fertiggestellt. Da wir uns auf iOS spezialisiert haben, benötigen wir deine Hilfe. Das Spiel sollte dank Cocos2d-x bereits auf Android-Geräten laufen. Jetzt sollen Android spezifische Funktionen ergänzt werden, damit wir die App sowohl für Google Play als auch für Amazon anbieten können.


Da wir sehr viel international arbeiten, hier die ausführliche Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:


Our team has developed an exciting new game based on Cocos2d-x. We have already optimized the game for iOS (iPad and iPhone). Now we want to optimize our game for Android (for BOTH Google Play and Amazon). If you do a great job you will get further projects from us in the future.

Your job will be to add some device specific funtions and to check that everything works like a charm. For your interest: We used cocos2d-x version cocos2d-2.0-rc2-x-2.0.1

Alright, this is a list of features that we need: - You will need a MAC. Why? Well, we already finished the development of the iOS version. Your first task will be to play the game for about 10 - 15 minutes to get a feeling for the game play. - Support of both Android stores "Google Play" and "Amazon" - You will get a key/certificate and passwords from us to sign the app with - The game should run on Android devices right away. But as we don't like Eclipse and focus our strength on iOS, it will be your job to find out if everything works correctly on Android devices, too. - You need to provide us a file that we can simply upload to our Android device for testing purposes. - Our game supports In-App Purchases. We use Soomla and already finished the iOS part (which is most of the work). You should have experience with Soomla and you need to create In-App Purchases for Google Play and Amazon (You will get login details from us). - If a "Restore Purchases" button is necessary for Android, you need to add this functionality. Otherwise we can simply hide this button for Android devices. - We need to provide a "share" possibility for Android devices: email, sms, whatsapp (if possible at all), via website url call (for Facebook and Twitter) and via copy to clipboard. - Rating function: Forward to the Google Play or the Amazon store for Android devices. - I18N: We have a list of 22 different language names (e.g. "chinese-simplified"). You need to create a function that checks the language of the device and if it is one of our supported languages it should return the name of the language from our list instead of default "english". This function will be called at several places of our code. But all the other I18N code is already finished and works fine. - check loading screen and game icons (so that it looks good with correct proportions) - check image proportions for different Android devices (it should work fine as we have developed the code in a special way that supports all resolutions) - check if all Audio files are being preloaded correctly - check if all Audio files are being played when trying to play them for the first time on Android devices - for Android we have developed a "No Audio" button. Check if it works. - do NOT change any basics of the game like "difficulty" or basic functions that don't relate to the Android specific part - we need this project finished ASAP. For this reason you should not have another project during this time. You should focus on our project until it is finished.

Alright, this sounds like much work but actually you could finish all this in about 2-3 days of work. We have posted this project twice so that you have the choice between "hourly rate" and "fixed price".

Please apply ONLY if you are super experienced! You should be one of the best cocos2d-x and Android developers! Do NOT apply if you don't have much experience with cocos2d-x yet (sometimes people ask: No, it is different to cocos2d).

Furthermore please start your message with the word "Cocos2d-x" so that we know that you read our complete description of this project.

And finally: Have fun! :)