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Organization Unlimited Administrators Create administrator accounts for each of your employees. A flexible permissions system allows you to grant them only the minimum set of privileges that they need to get their own tasks completed. Advertisers,  agency & Publishers Give advertisers and publishers their own account to log in to the system and generate real-time reports on-demand exactly as they want them, which saves you the time of having to e-mail them. Campaigns Campaigns allow you to schedule and precisely target media or a collection of media to run in any number of zones. Media Media is a broad term that is used to collectively refer to banners, rich media, pop-ups/unders, and text links. Files Upload all of your GIF, JPG, PNG and SWF files and they'll be served lightning fast thanks to our global CDN. Sizes All of the IAB standard ad sizes come pre-installed and you can also create your own custom sizes. Groups Groups are used to logically organize your zones by content sections for reporting purposes. This is especially useful when you operate multiple web sites. Having different groups for your various web sites makes it easy to report on them individually while managing them all with the same Adserver account. Zones Zones allow you to define rotations of campaigns to be placed on specific spots in your web pages. Campaigns can be added to and removed from zones with ease using the control panel. That's right, once you place ad tags for a zone into your web pages, you never need to think about changing it again! Campaign Delivery View/Click/Action Limits Set campaigns to run until they reach a certain number of views, clicks or actions. Competitor Exclusion Avoid showing ads from competing advertisers together on a page. Frequency Capping Frequency capping helps prevent your campaigns from becoming over exposed to avoid creative burnout. Companion Banners Display multiple ads from an advertiser on a page together at the same time to reinforce their campaign's message. Even Distribution Spread views evenly across each day of a campaign's flight to make sure it doesn't delivery too quickly and finish ahead of the scheduled stop date. Multiple Ad Units This slick feature allows you to do things like combine together five 160x120 ads in a 160x600 skyscraper position to better utilize your advertising space. Chains & Priority Optimize inventory usage and revenue generation by displaying higher paying and targeted campaigns to visitors first and more frequently. Use with frequency capping to gradually display less critical campaigns such as in-house ads and low yield ad network defaults E-mail Alerts Want to remind your advertisers to extend their campaigns or buy more impressions before they expire? Set up an e-mail alert to remind you! The customizable alert e-mails can even be sent to your advertiser. Campaign reports can also be attached in CSV, Excel or PDF format. Campaign Targeting Date & Time Campaigns can be scheduled with a start and stop date. They can also be limited to run on certain days of the week. Time of day targeting by hour is also supported. Custom Fields Create up to 10 custom fields to pass demographic data and metrics from cookies, databases, or other sources to the ad server for targeting and reporting. Contextual Matching ads with relevant content can be difficult for ad networks, blogs, forums or large web sites. With contextual targeting it is easy. Pages are regularly spidered and full-text indexed, so you can target campaigns to pages with relevant keywords and phrases. Keywords can be required to occur a minimum number of times to guarantee contextual relevance. Geographic With targeting and reporting by continent, country, state/province, city, postal/zip code, and designated market area you can offer your advertisers both global and local reach. Precisely geo-targeted ads are more relevant and will generate higher response rates. Better results mean you can command higher CPM rates while optimizing your inventory usage. IP & Hostname Block or target visitors based on their IP address with wildcard range matching. Minimum Rates Cater to your premium publishers by only providing them high paying campaigns. OS & Browser Target visitors based on the operating system and web browser software that they are using. Page URL Block or target campaigns to run on specific page(s) based on URL pattern matching. Zones Add and remove campaigns from your zones on-the-fly for true real-time optimization. Themes Set up content themes to quickly and easily distribute campaigns to a large network of publishers. Media Formats Banners First class support for Applet, Flash, GIF/JPG/PNG, CSS/HTML, JavaScript, rich media and third-party banners Text Links Text links can be styled with CSS and placed statically or in a rotation with other text links. very important .... your inline text Dynamic Content Designed without boundaries to support the delivery of floating ads, full-page overlays, redirects and more! Popups & Popunders Love or hate them, deliver 80% more pop-ups or pop-under with our sophisticated anti-blocker technology.  

Statistics Reporting

Statistics data is processed in real-time, so you don't have to wait in suspense for it to become available to report on, analyze and optimize compared to other systems that lag behind by 24 hours or more! Customizable Reports can be generated on-demand for any date range and only with the content that you specify. When your report is generated, you can sort data by any column in ascending or descending order too. You can even edit your report to adjust criteria if it's not quite what you wanted without having to re-enter all of your initial criteria. Exporting Export reports to CSV, Excel, HTML, PDF, TXT and XML formats with a single click. The PDF and TXT formats are great for e-mailing to your advertisers and publishers. When you need to post-process data for further analysis the CSV, Excel and XML formats can be imported into the reporting intelligence software of your choice. Miscellaneous AJAX Serving You aren't getting the highest possible search engine ranking if you're not serving your ads with AJAX! Google and Yahoo factor page loading speed into their ranking algorithms. AJAX serving allows page content to load first, so your ads will not negatively affect your score. Third-Party Integration Easily track clicks on third-party ads from Atlas, DoubleClick, EyeWonder, MediaMind, PointRoll, RightMedia, Zedo and more! We of course eat our own dog food too. AdvertPro provides support for your publishers third-party ad servers to track clicks as well. Global CDN Media files can be transparently deployed to and served by a content delivery network of your choosing to ensure your ads load fast for all of your visitors. Flash clickTAG Repair How many times have your advertisers sent you a Flash banner with a broken clickTAG? AdvertPro eliminates this headache by automatically fixing them! Smart Caching Bandwidth usage is reduced by intelligently allowing media files to be cached without impacting the collection of statistics data. Cookies & P3P AdvertPro sends a compact P3P privacy policy along with cookies to inform visitors that it's safe and will not be used to gather or store any private information. GZIP Compression Your ads load up to 85% faster thanks to GZIP compression minimizing the size of downloads, which is critically important for mobile advertising. IP Filtering Filter traffic from your office network IP address range out of your statistics reports to ensure more accurate statistics reporting. HTTPS / SSL Need to run ads on a secure page or site? AdvertPro is one of the few ad servers that can do it! Robot & Spider Filtering Filter hits from search engine spiders, monitoring agents, and various other robots out of your statistics reports.