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wir suchen jemand der unseren neuen Magento shop beschleunigigt. Es sollen diese 10 Punkte umgesetzt werden:



10 Ways to Speed Up Your Magento eCommerce Site

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Is your Magento store not as fast as you would like it to be? Below you will find our Top 10 Tips & Tricks to speed up your Magento site.

Note: some of the steps below require server administrator access.

  1. Ensure you are running the latest version of Magento. New releases often include performance improvements and other patches which affects performance.
  2. Enable the Flat Catalog module for products and categories in the Magento Admin Panel. We have seen quite significant improvements by turning on this feature, especially on large catalogs.Where: System -> Configuration -> Catalog
  3. Enable caching to reduce the number of database operations required for each page request.Where: System -> Cache Management
  4. Keep the number of third-party/community extensions to a minimum. Many extensions introduce extra processing and database queries which has a negative impact on the overall performance.
  5. Compress image files using a photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop to reduce file size.
  6. Install a JS/CSS "minifier" such as the Fooman Speedster extension which combine, compress and cache Javascript and CSS files. Alternatively, try the Javascript/CSS merge feature in Magento located under System -> Configuration -> Developer (Javascript/CSS Settings).See:
  7. Experiment with the Magento Compiler.Where: System -> Tools -> Compilation
  8. Install a PHP opcode cache like APC or eAccelerator. At ProperHost, we already have an opcode cache installed on our servers.
  9. Optimize the MySQL server (enable Query Cache and tweak my.cnf parameters). At ProperHost, we have already optimized MySQL for Magento.
  10. Replace Apache web server with LiteSpeed Enterprise web server. LiteSpeed offers a 50% performance increase for PHP application and is up to 6 times faster than Apache serving static content. At ProperHost, we use LiteSpeed Enterprise for our Magento hosting platform.