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 Ich benötige eine Übersetzung zum Thema Diät und Schwangerschaft. Der englische Originaltext hat 7916 Wörter und enthält einige Tabellen. Ich benötige den Text zeitnah als *.doc oder *.odt Datei.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

First Trimester: A Diet to Get You Started 3

List of Foods 3 Meal Plans 4 First Month 4

Second Month 4

Third Month 6

Second Trimester: A Diet for Those Cravings 7

The second trimester of pregnancy is known as the most enjoyable and relaxed period. It is often called pregnancy’s ‘honeymoon phase’! The worst is over, there is no more nausea and you are starting to get used to being pregnant. 7

List of Foods 8

Meal Plans 9

Fourth Month 9


Fifth Month 9


Sixth Month 11


Third Trimester: A Diet to Keep Your Energy High 12

List of Foods 13

Meal Plans 14

Seventh Month 14

Eighth Month 14

Ninth Month 16

Exercising While Pregnant 17

Some Precautions 17

Best Forms of Exercise in Pregnancy 18

Walking, Jogging or Running 18

Swimming 18

Pilates 18

Yoga 18

Weight Training 18

Cycling 19

List of Healthy & Unhealthy Foods 20

A Quick Introduction 20

Foods to Have 20

Omega-3 Rich Fish 20

Meat 20

Vegetables 21

Milk 21

Foods to Avoid 21

Fast Food 21

Ready-to-eat 21

Soft Cheese 22

Ice-cream 23

Making Shopping Lists 23

Do’s & Don’ts for Diabetic Pregnant Women 24

Do’s 24

Talk to a Gynecologist, Obstetrician or Perinatologist 24

Eat in Moderation 24

Exercise 24

Don’ts 24

Snack on Sweets of any Kind 24

Keep your Carbohydrates Down 25

Skip a Meal 25

Exercise too much 25

Breast Feeding 26

Introduction 26

Changes 26

How to Breast Feed your Child 26

Post Partum Depression 26

Final Words 28