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Stuttgart, Deutschland
5.62 Score: 5.62/10 Score
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Web & Programmierung

Über ThimoK

Thimo has developed an app that has been downloaded 4 million times and has 90,000 reviews with 4.5 stars. He knows how to solve technical challenges and puts them in the context of your business.


Cheap gas finder (4M+ downloads)

Cheap gas finder (4M+ downloads)

mehr-tanken helps to find the cheapest gas station in Germany. Prices are updated in real-time and are 99% correct. The app has been downloaded four million times. It has 90,000 reviews with a 4.5 star rating. The app is pre-installed on every Amazon Fire Phone that is sold in Germany. If you’re from outside Germany, open the right navigation drawer and use a zip code (e.g. 70195).

Cafeteria app (150k+ downloads)

Cafeteria app (150k+ downloads)

The cafeteria app is available for every university in Germany. It shows college students this weeks meal plan. Users can rate their chosen meal. The cafeteria kitchen gets access to the reviews. It’s been been downloaded 150,000 times. Companies that are looking to recruit college graduates buy ad space within the app.


Web & Programmierung

total average: 9.333333333333334/10

Google Android 10.0/10

Java 10.0/10

Objective-C 8.0/10