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Intellectum Tech Web Development
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Munich, Deutschland Webseite Nachricht Telefon
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Web & Programmierung
Vertrieb und Marketing
Design & Medien

Über Intellectum Tech Web Development

Intellectum Tech is a web development company that serves businesses to improve their performance on information related issues through web development solutions. Intellectum Tech develops strategies and implement structures to increase visits and to improve
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Homepage Intellectum Tech

Homepage Intellectum Tech

The creation of our own website. The company was founded on march 2016. Please visit our website to meet our team of experts and to learn about our services and about us.

Migration from Joomla to Drupal and redesigns. Creation of payd subscription for newsletter. Connection of Drupal to CRM Sugar. Creation of functionalities through views and modules. Drupal Commerce implementation. Creation of templates for diverse functions in the website. Creation of content structures. Creation of RSS and RSS Podcast


Web & Programmierung

total average: 9.076923076923077/10

Arduino 6.0/10

C 10.0/10

C# 10.0/10

C++ 10.0/10

CRM 10.0/10

Data Integration 8.0/10

Data Mining 10.0/10

Data Structures 10.0/10

Data Warehousing 8.0/10

Delphi 7.0/10

Drupal 10.0/10

Google Adwords Script 10.0/10

Hosting 10.0/10

HTML 10.0/10

HTML5 10.0/10

Java 10.0/10

Javascript 10.0/10

Joomla 7.0/10

JQuery 10.0/10

Linux 10.0/10

MySQL 10.0/10

Social Networking 10.0/10

Symfony 6.0/10

Web Mobile 10.0/10

Windows 10.0/10

WordPress 4.0/10

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Vertrieb und Marketing

total average: 8.333333333333334/10

Advertising 6.0/10

Google AdSense 10.0/10

Google Analytics 10.0/10

Google Webmaster Central 10.0/10

Link Building 6.0/10

Marketing 6.0/10

SEM 10.0/10

SEO 10.0/10

Telemarketing 7.0/10

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total average: 7.666666666666667/10

Business Consultancy 8.0/10

Email Handling 8.0/10

Project Management 7.0/10


total average: 10.0/10

English 10.0/10

German 10.0/10

Spanish 10.0/10

Design & Medien

total average: 7.0/10

Graphic Design 6.0/10

Webdesign 8.0/10