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Gabs - Music & Sound Design

Wien, Österreich
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Design & Medien

Über Gabs - Music & Sound Design

I write music and create sounds for all sorts of moving images both in linear and interactive media. Even though I come from a background of electronic music, my compositions cover a great range of musical styles and genres. I always aim for original sounds to
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Siemens GH180

Siemens GH180

As Siemens is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, the music had to be modern and forward moving. On top of that, i wanted to give it a little more edge and character than your usual image video music.

Cloud Mobil

Cloud Mobil

In this project my main task was to create a spaceship ambiance and UI sounds for an interactive AV-installation. Consisting of a coupled 8.1 and a 4.1 audio system, housed in an acoustically quite nasty vault, the main difficulty was to provide the audience with precise acoustic feedback while avoiding confusion from all the echoes firing off at once.


Design & Medien

total average: 10/10

Audio Bearbeitung10/10