Berlin, Deutschland
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Über dick.tik

I am a freelance Cameraman/Video Editor. I am experienced in working with my production team. We could have After Effects for editing with motion graphic. I know very good English and Mandarin , a bit of Germany and native Cantonese. I am a Bachelor degree holder in the field of Media and Culture Studies. I gained professional skills on Multi-media, and have knowledge on Cultural issues.

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Fruit Logistica 2015 (Berlin) , 2015

My production team and I offered video and photography services for exhibitor of Fruit Logistica 2015 (Berlin) for 3 days. We worked with Goodfarmer Co., Shanghai, Ltd. and we made professional video and photos for its Bio-fruit products, commercial partnerships and online-marketing.

Volkswagen Beetle release Press , 2015

My production team and I offered video service for Volkswagen Press Conference for its new model Beetle released. We made a Corporation video with footage from release press, celebrity, promotional events. Finally the Corporation video was being broadcasted on Hong Kong mainstream TV channels.

Big Day Motion Graphic , 2014

We made a Motion Graphic video which lasts for 3mins for a Canadian couple's Wedding Ceremony. The video is in Hip-Hop and casual style. It is to present a Friendly Greeting to the couple.