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Chris McHenry

Glasgow, Vereinigtes Königreich
1 Sprachen
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Vertrieb und Marketing
Web & Programmierung
Design & Medien

Über Chris McHenry

A multidisciplinary creative designer producing and deploying engaging content for online distribution. Creative duties include animated video production, infographic design, print design and branding. A progressive digital design expert, always looking to bri
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VastClick Animated Explainer Video

VastClick Animated Explainer Video

VastClicks are an incredibly ambitious and cutting edge SAAS company, but have their tongue placed firmly in their cheek. It was vital to convey the functionality of this complex product, yet keep the tone fun and engaging. This Explainer video helped convert more customers when ran as an independent advert on social media, as well as provide essential information upon purchase.

AdNews Explainer Animation

AdNews Explainer Animation

AdNews is an incredibly powerful tool for converting and retaining customers, but with it's great power, comes great complexity. Digitonic needed an explainer video that clearly conveyed the features and benefits of this product, without confusing users. This video is used on the AdNews landing page and has been viewed thousands of times by potential customers.

ONR - Jericho (Lyric Video)

ONR - Jericho (Lyric Video)

This is a lyric video created for the Universal Music and Capitol Records act, ONR. ONR wanted to keep a very mysterious approach to his social media posts, while referring back to 80's analogue technology. This lyric video is based on an old 80's word processing unit and the track itself has had more than 100,000 listens on Spotify alone.


Vertrieb und Marketing

total average: 8,2/10


E Mail Marketing8/10

Internationale Kommunikation7/10

Online Marketing8/10

Lead Generation8/10

Social Media Marketing8/10

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Web & Programmierung

total average: 7,6/10



Web Mobile7/10



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Design & Medien

total average: 10/10


Corporate Design10/10

Corporate Identity10/10

Grafik Design10/10

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After Effects

Creative Suite