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Über cerise.carson

From a young age drawing was an outlet for expressing my creativity and imagination. My fascination for drawing allowed me to explore different artists and techniques and I was soon drawn to the more urban art and typography. The vibrant colors and unique style of letters created by the greatest graphic designers became a source of inspiration, which evolved into my passion for all things design and typography. I began to examine objects around me and realized that graphic design was everywhere and could be applied to almost everything. Graphic design would become my passion to outlet my creativity. My graphic work is influenced by typography and illustration. Also, having a background in painting has contributed to my graphic design by use of color application and style. I enjoy graphic design the most when I can add a hand done quality to my work which I feel shows the character of a designer and helps convey the message more personally. Drawing regularly, whether it be doodling during class or working on a two-hour drawing, is important to me as a graphic designer and an artist. Through working hard I aim to build my repertoire of styles and creativity. This is in part because of my sense of duty to whomever my work will be serving, but also due to my sense of pride in my own work. You can bet I’ll work hard to create something we’re both proud of.

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Vertrieb und Marketing

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