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Über BitFlash

Hey! I'm Dominik - I barely speak english so listen up I'll tell you about Bitflash, a recently founded app start-up. We are focusing on Windows - Phone, Surface, PC - and believe that custom made Software must not cost a fortune. Additionally, we are happy to help with your online presence. We offer anything from simple applications to - for example - Download a YouTube video all the way to fully fledged Client-Server applications. In terms of web development we like to stick with basic HTML/CSS pages or Wordpress. We are C# developers not Webdevelopers even though we might have the skills to call us Webdevelopers by now. We love performance. I have to point that out. I'm usually never happy with the performance of my application even if my users are totally happy with it. I always keep tweaking my tools and throw out patches for my sexy users/clients. BitFlash is located in White City, Oregon, CEO and was founded by Jared Hawke. Vice President Dominik Litschauer is located in Vienna, Austria.

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VOTC , 2014

Voice of the Citizens - short VOTC - Is a voice hotkey application, that allows for more immersion in games and easier access to everyday applications. VOTC is fully scriptable in C# and VB.NET and offers a AppStore like Script Store where users can Browse, Download and Publish Scripts freely. VOTC is free but offers premium features for a small fee.

XioEmu , 2014

Game Server Emulator for Educational Purposes. XioEmu is the state of the art ConquerOnline 2.0 emulator. It is a 100% re-implementation of the original game including every quest, system and event. Everything from the Database Server to the Webserver was re-implemented from scratch. We wrote IRC Clients, HTTP Servers, a new custom Database system and a Blowfish cryptographer in pure C#

BitFlashLite , 2015

Simple FlashLight app for Windows Phone, this was a 1 day project using Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10. It's available for free in the Phone Store, we did not publish the Windows 8+ Version due to the impression, that there are enough flashlights available already :P

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