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Expert Registry

An application that would deal with the process of maintaining a database of experts, as well as the process of their invitation to various assignments as well as the reporting, reimbursement and payment process. In general this could be considered a bespoke solution for engaging experts.


Legislative tracking solution for the parliament of Republic of Kosovo. The solution is used in the primarily to facilitate the legislative process from the instance of draft law admission by the Parliament from various proponents to the rest of the process and to the final decree from the President of Republic of Kosovo.

Resources Reservations

The SP app is used to make reservations for company resources like vehicles, meeting and conference room. It follows a well-defined workflow process of request for reservation, while checking for resource availability on certain dates, approval of request, notification and much more.


Web & Programmierung

total average: 1.0/10

.NET 1.0/10

C# 1.0/10

Drupal 1.0/10

Javascript 1.0/10

WordPress 1.0/10

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