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Aaron Boos

Torroella de Montgri, Spanien
2 Sprachen
12 € / hr Stundensatz

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Web & Programmierung
Design & Medien

Über Aaron Boos

I translate and manage an online educational project + various websites and have my own YouTube Channel where I produce videos on a regular basis. Translation: Over the last years I've been producing high quality english to german translations. I translated
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Translation of a website

Translation of a website is a huge website with a variety of materials including books, videos, documentary, curated news and other customized features. I started to translate the books back in 2017. Since then I translated 37 books, 4 videos and the whole website into german. For translating the materials I used different programs of course. The german website is here:

Translation of a website

Translation of a website

The goal was to translate a simple website. The tricky part however was to translate the 2 videos on that website and host them in a decentralized way. So I used gitlab to translate the website + webtorrent for the videos after I translated them. Then I bought the domain in german to have everything translated. Now the english website is fully available in german:

Translation of a eBook

Translation of a eBook

The goal was to translate a PDF E-Book from english into german but to keep the same design of the book. With various tools like Master PDF Editor I did exactely that and kept the design as it was.



total average: 10/10



Web & Programmierung

total average: 9/10


Design & Medien

total average: 8/10